Christmas Running at the Coast

Recently I have joined a running group at work. They’re a lovely group, great fun and really supportive. Three sessions are usually arranged a week, led by Colin who knows what he’s talking about when it comes to running! Each week one of the sessions is a technical session focusing on a key technique in running. I think the most important technique I need to work on is not getting lost on the streets of Durham!

I am so pleased I got to join this group, it’s made my last three months in my current job such fun, full of enjoyable challenges. Since joining the group I have seen such an improvement in my running in such a short space in time!

Today was our inaugural Christmas 10km running along the front in South Shields and was followed by drinks and lunch in our Christmas jumpers at the Hop and Cleaver in Newcastle. Many of the group  managed to break their 10km record (me included), which felt fantastic (well once I’d finished running) so I celebrated in the only appropriate way possible by bringing out my Christmas Pudding hat for its first outing of the year!

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