The Adventures of the MS Robins

Every year Kenny, a regular supporter of the MS Trust creates some magical Christmas decorations at his woodshop all in aid of the MS Trust.

Last year I was lucky to discover the gifts on offer at Kenny’s workshop and soon little Robins were flying their way to the Warwick, Metcalfe’s and Pritchard houses!

This year the flock has got even bigger as Mum shared more Robins with her friends.

The first photo I received was of Bridget’s newly named Robin – Mincepie (named after the Waitrose Christmas advert of course).

Doesn’t he look adorable accompanied by Bridget’s gorgeous knitted Santa Claus and Rudolph? (Some people are so talented!)

The Warwick’s got their Christmas tree up nice and early. And who did Clara spot hiding in the branches? By the blue tinsel of course (Clara’s favourite colour and MS Trust blue!)

Next up is the Metcalfe’s Robin er named Robin. Jane thinks he might be gate crashing but I think he looks right at home (although the King on the left doesn’t look to sure!)

Mum was having a panic because she couldn’t remember the name of her bird, so in the end it been rechristened as Sol (Her Sunday name being Solstice!). Here she is looking for the sun, as my Mum often does when the winter days have got too short for too long!


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