Happy New Year and here we go!

I hope you had a lovely New Years Eve and were able to see in the New Year with a smile.

As soon as I woke up, I switched on my Strava (run recording app) and set my target for 2017: 1000km. It seems a really long way now.

My plan for the day had been to run the Resolution Run this morning (10k around Newcastle Town Moor) but for once I decided to be sensible, given that having experienced gastroenteritis and not really eating for a week, running that far was probably not a sensible idea!

But it was a beautiful, crisp and sunny day and I didn’t want to miss this opportunity. So I donned my MS Trust vest, proud as punch (and very nervous) to be starting this year long challenge.

At 11am, after my Starter’s photo, Paul waved me off on my first run of the challenge!

I slowly and steadily headed from our house towards the Town Moor, round the Dukes Moor, towards Elmfield Road and back home again.

All the way I listened to my recording of Dad and I running through my lines for Dial M for Murder, the play I am taking part in at the end of January. Let’s just say, although the run was challenging, the steps of my run were coming easier than the words! This was particularly thanks to the fact that I knew today I was running with 84 people! I am so grateful for my support team’s support, making each step so much lighter!

I turned the corner in my street to be greeted by applause from Paul, hanging out of the front door.

So here I am squinting in the Winter sun, having finished my run, with today’s run information:

I checked my Strava and was very excited to see that despite my slower than usual pace I was the fastest woman this year to have run through most of the run segments on my route. However I quickly realised that as we are on the first day of this new year I was the only woman to have run through these segments so far this year. But no matter, I was just really chuffed that I managed my first run of the year, so we headed down to Mum and Dad’s house to celebrate!

Thank you everyone for being part of my first run and I hope that 2017 is a very happy and healthy one for us all!

Lucy 🙂

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year and here we go!

  1. Thanks Cathy! it’s lovely to read your comment and know that my blog is being read! I am looking forward to getting the next run in now!


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