The tortoise won a crown!

I am not a fast runner, I am a jolly plodder. So to be told you’re fastest at something is pretty special!

Some how in April last year, Strava informed me that I was the fastest woman to have run a segment near the Town Moor. I didn’t even know that the segment existed when I went for that run and I think looking at the number of people who have run it, most people don’t. But I was awarded a little crown on my app for my achievement and was ecstatic. 

Sadly the week before Christmas I received a new notification to say that I had lost my crown to another runner. It was completely expected but it didn’t stop me from being a little disappointed. 

Tonight I went for a short, 3 and a bit mile run. I can report it was still dark but it is definitely warmer out there!

I got home to greet Paul with a huge smile on my face. Strava confirmed that I once again had become Queen of that segment not only that but I was third fastest ever!

So that’s another 5.9kms completed only 977.7kms to go!

Thank you Valerie and Susan for being my virtual running team on this crown winning run! Please let me know how you celebrate our triumph, I am off to have a glass of wine!

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