Saturday means Park Run

My third run took place on a Saturday and that meant only one thing. It was time for my first Park Run of my challenge.

Park Run has been an exercise movement that is growing phenomenonly over the world. Every Saturday groups of lovely local volunteers give up their time to set up and marshal a 5km course. At 9am people of all walks of life and abilities make their way around the course, whether it be walking, running or in wheelchair. It’s not a race, it’s only you against yourself.

If you have never taken part in a Park Run whether that be in the exercise or as a volunteer (both equally demanding and rewarding) I can thoroughly recommend it.

This week was the first I decided to run to the start line – I am now very aware that every mile counts! But after checking the weather and remembering my barcode wristband (it’s the only way you are officially registered on the course) I headed off. At a pace quicker than I would like but was necessary as I was pushing it to get to the start line on time. (Anyone reading this who knows me closely, please stop thinking well that’s typical for Lucy, I’d been on time for all previous Park Runs I’d just never run there before!)


The start of Newcastle Park Run (Photo taken by the great Park Run volunteer Maggie Davidson)

I got there with 5 minutes to spare and it was heaving. I am guessing it was because it was the first one of the year. The official note after was there was over 600 people attending.


And we’re off! (Another photo featuring my concentrating run face taken by Park Run volunteer Maggie Davidson)

The first kilometre was spent watching the feet in front of me and two my sides so I didn’t trip anyone up and wasn’t tripped up myself. Unfortunately a lady a few rows behind fell after being caught by a buggy.

By the second kilometre I found myself a nice space and set a steady pace which saw me through to the finish line.


Concentrating hard with not my best run face! (Photo was taken by another kind Park Run volunteer)

After queuing to have my barcode and finishing token scanned by the hardworking volunteers I made my way to the finishing straight to cheer on the other participants. It is always really motivational to see people of all ages, shapes and abilities taking on their own challenge (whatever it is) and crossing the finishing line.

I finally ran my winding way back home to have a good warm up.

I was thrilled that I had ran 12.7kms a great way to start the weekend.

When Paul got back from his training cycle session Beth, Chris and Clara picked us up to head for Avanti’s. I am not sure a cheesey garlic bread with extra cheese classes as an athlete’s diet but it was delicious!

Paul and I then walked into town and made our way to Start Fitness to treat me to some new running More Miles tops and leggings (thanks to gifts I was kindly given at Christmas). I can’t wait to give them their first run out!

I had been complaining or uncomfortable toes for a little while and when we got home we discovered the culprit, a blister on my toe. Paul swiftly dealt with it, making me giggle, whilst persuading me that it showed that my boots were not made for walking and it was nothing to do with the run so I could stop panicking about needing to replace my trainers that have never given me a blister!

It’s been a really great first week of the challenge, tough on occasions fitting in running in the cold and the dark around rehearsals. But it’s been a real help knowing that I had Susan and Valerie’s support throughout, thank you so much ladies!

If you would like to join Susan and Valerie and support my running challenge for the wonderful MS Trust please visit my fundraising page.

3 thoughts on “Saturday means Park Run

  1. Great idea Mum! I have previously tried to do that on my header but it doesn’t seemed to have worked, so I am including it in all of my posts until I work out how to do it in a more aesthetically pleasing way! Thanks for the idea!


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