A Sunday morning run with Anne-Marie and a little penguin!

The last night of Dial M for Murder at the Little Theatre took place on Saturday night. 

So that meant yesterday morning I was back on the running trail again. 

Anne-Marie had invited me to join her for a run followed by a coffee and a catch up. I jumped at the chance! Not only do I love having company when I run, it would be great to see Anne-Marie, who through one thing and another we haven’t managed to have a catch up in an age.

I first met Anne-Marie well over two decades ago at primary school (I can’t believe we are that old!) our families have remained very good friends all this time. I was thrilled when Anne-Marie, her husband Daniel and their daughter Yvonne returned to Newcastle from Sheffield. A lovelier family you will never meet!

When I woke up it was a beautiful, fresh winter morning with the sun shining. Easy to leave a lie-in behind for. 

We ran from Anne-Marie’s house. It was great to run a route that I hadn’t run before and it was a great route with a good combination of flats, climbs and running down hill. 

Whilst running I discovered that Anne-Marie had graduated from her Masters degree earlier last week! An incredible achievement at the best of times but even more so for this extremely clever lady, who completed her Masters degree at the same time as being an extremely busy Consultant, as well as a fantastic mother. Huge congratulations to Anne-Marie (and Daniel for supporting her throughout)!

A slight side note: This had been my first run using my new Garnin watch/exercise recorder, which meant the first time in a long time not running with my phone. I was a bit concerned that the GPS would be a bit dodgy and not record all of our run and as every metre counts I was, not so casually, checking my wrist regularly! Halfway round I felt that I had to explain to Anne-Marie that I wasn’t looking at any of the details just that any of the numbers on the screen were moving so that it was definitely still working! I needn’t have panicked because it recorded everything and the beauty was when we finished, as soon as I got near my our run was automatically uploaded. The marvels of technology!

As we ran back to the front door and a promise of a coffee and further catching up, there was Yvonne waiting to run to the letterbox and back with us. Although she wasn’t to sure of me at first, the three of us running together reminded me how supported I am in this challenge. But it is at this point I feel I should note, as Yvonne corrected Daniel later that morning, on the way to the letterbox two of us ran and one of us was waddling like a penguin. 

It’s mornings like these that make me think 1000km isn’t going to be bad. I really enjoyed my morning and look forward to my next chance to run with Anne-Marie and her little penguin!

Thank you to Daniel for these fab photos!

4 thoughts on “A Sunday morning run with Anne-Marie and a little penguin!

  1. Well done Lucy. I find it insuring that you went running the day after such a busy week at the theatre. I was there on Wednesday night and thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Keep up the good work.


  2. So pleased you enjoyed the play Cathy, thanks for coming to see it! I owe this activity to Anne-Marie for suggesting a run together, it meant I got out of bed with a spring in my step on Sunday morning!


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