All quiet on the running front

You may have noticed that I haven’t been logging any runs in the last 10 days. In this time I have been facing a major challenge… one of patience.
Unfortunately during the week of the play I developed a niggle in my left knee and as the week continued my ankle also started ache. I guess that’s what happens when you have a gentleman repeatedly die on top of you at an awkward angle whilst your balanced on a desk.

Having an injury that stops me running is a new experience for me, as I have been very lucky with my running before and have avoided any major injuries. I am not normally patient and I am no good at sitting back and waiting to see what happens. But you would be impressed as I have really tried to be sensible this time!

This has meant that I have not ran since the 22nd of January. That’s a whopping whole 10 days.

Do you know how hard it is to support your friends recording their miles, knowing you should be doing the same but you can’t?! Paul has been great in supporting me with my frustrations. whilst he was away with work ringing me everyday to check that I haven’t been tempted to go out running. OF COURSE I AM TEMPTED! (He knows my tricks). But I could confirm that I haven’t tried to sneak out to rack up the miles.
I sent out an appeal to my friends for recommendations of a Physio. Matt came to the rescue, recommending sport scientist Jon of Bateman Sports Massage. This is someone he knows through cycling (Matt runs a cycling club so knows his stuff when it comes to exercise on two wheels.)

Jon from Bateman Physio not only provides treatment from two clinics in Tynemouth but also provides mobile visits, Which was perfect for fitting a treatment in around my very hectic work. I counted down the days until my appointment. The longer I have gone not running the more seriously I took the importance of looking after your body. As we keep saying it’s a years challenge, there’s no point in putting yourself out for months for the sake of a quick run.

So yesterday evening Jon arrived and we chatted through what my problems were. Then he gave me a complete assessment. Turns out my left shoulder is being painfully raised much higher than the right, thanks to some tight muscles.

My legs are a similar story it appears my injury free years have been good luck rather than good management (I can almost hear the groaning when my Mum thinks of the time I spent on my sports science degree from Loughborough). My muscles in my legs are really tight. Now I knew I wasn’t flexible and I don’t do enough stretching before and after exercise, I admitted this in my previous post, but my lack of flexibility and what this is causing was just ridiculous. The muscles in my left leg are even pulling my hip forward slightly and are likely to be the reason I run like a duck (as my dad once told me when we were training for a marathon).

Jon was fantastic he talked me through everything in an easy to understand way (including how my whole body has to turn when I am lying down and trying to move one knee over the other leg because my muscles are so tight). He worked on my muscles for an hour and whilst it wasn’t a nice relaxing massage feeling the relief in tension in my muscles was fantastic. He then talked me through some stretches I could do.

 This was my concentration face!

Paul sat enviously on the sofa, listening to Jon’s advice about managing my tense muscles and dropping in tips for how to prepare for an Iron Man.

Soon enough we talked about possible recovery runs. I got really excited at this. Then I found  out every other day I would be walking for 10 minutes running for 30 seconds and then walking for another 10 minutes, building up the running by a set number of seconds each time. Until I get to 5 minutes then I am good to go for it! During the run and on the rest day I have to see how my leg feels. So little runs will win the day. Or so I keep telling myself.

Jon is going to send me links to videos of stretching routes and yoga like things so I can start to work on relaxing my muscles.

Paul and I have both booked another appointment with Jon; he took the time to understand what was wrong, is very knowledgeable in how I can improve the situation, explain things in an easy to understand way and was happy to offer both Paul and I advice on our various challenges all in a personable way.

So running here I come! Remember every run counts no matter how short…

Any tips on how I can be better at being patient?

6 thoughts on “All quiet on the running front

  1. I was wondering where your updates were. So sorry that you have been injured. Good that you are getting some sensible advice though. Here’s hoping you can start to build up your running gradually. Take care and good luck with your recovery Lucy.


  2. Thanks Cathy. I am lucky it’s just a niggle I just don’t want to make it any worse. Goodness I almost sound sensible! I really appreciate your support helps me to stay focused on being patient!


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