Meet my virtual running buddy

Normally my virtual running partners are randomly selected from my fantastic support team. But due to being in recovery, I am taking baby steps back into running, so I thought which member of my support team would be better to join me then my newest niece Felicity!

Felicity is 4 months old. She is currently being taught how to roll by her elder sister Annabelle but she must have a lot of patience as she slowly starts to do things in life and she smiles all of the time.

This idea really made me smile and makes the idea of completing the small runs really enjoyable! We can do this Felicity!

Felicity was told that she was my virtual running buddy!

Then she found how far we would be running!

Thanks Jane for these fantastic pictures of my beautiful virtual running partner.

Find out how you can join Felicity and become a much appreciated member of my support crew doing great things for the MS Trust and those affected by MS.


2 thoughts on “Meet my virtual running buddy

  1. Lucy she is adorable. What a good idea for a running buddy while you are having to take baby steps with your injury. The photos are fab. Good luck.

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