Knee pain and a Knee’s Up

On Wednesday night I headed to Ballet Bod, to get an hour of exercise in, being very careful not to put too much pressure on my tight muscles (er in both legs…). It was another great class but there was some tough exercises and I worried that even though I sat out of some, it might have pushed my knee a little too much.

I thought the class had nicely warmed me, so as soon as I got home, I set out for my first run in a fortnight with my running buddy’s lovely smile in my mind!

It was a relatively warm evening for this time of year, so the first 10 minute walk along the street light lit streets was very pleasant. I kept a close eye on the time and as soon as 10 minutes had passed I was off! 

We can do this Felicity!

Do you know how quickly 30 seconds of running passes? I managed a whopping 0.12 km in that time! I wasn’t trying to run quickly but I did manage to run at 8.13 minutes per mile. I then was back plodding my way home for 10 minutes.

I got home with a smile, it felt it had been a good run, although be it very brief. I was hoping I made my little run buddy Felicity proud.

The next day the news wasn’t so good as my knee was a bit more painful than it had been previously. I was disappointed but I put this down to some of the Ballet Bod exercises, so I contacted Jon for some advice. I rested as much as I could between walking to meetings. It was lovely to read the kind comments that had been left by Joe, Trent and Matt on Strava for my run, it gave me a boost when I was feeling a little despondent.

On Friday morning I got up early to start my yoga regime, following a 15 minute Yoga exercise video that Jon had recommended to help me increase my flexibility. It was a good video for a novice like me to follow, I don’t know some of the terminology that’s used and I am pretty my swan pose looked more like a confused duck, but I am definitely going to keep going at it.

That evening Paul and I walked to the High Street to meet Ang and Neil for a great night including relaxing drinks and a good catch up, which was much needed after a stressful week at work. It’s amazing what a good laugh with members of my support team can cure, as we walked home I noted to Paul that my knee was feeling a bit better!

It was another rest day today so once again I walked to the High Street (to stretch my legs!) where I enjoyed my lovely Christmas treat from my Mum and Dad, a massage and facial by Maria at TLC

I can thoroughly recommend these beauty treatments, Maria really takes the time to get to know you, your skin and uses a mix of Dermoligca products to get the best for your skin. The massage went some way to help relax all of my super tight muscles and the facial always leaves me feeling a million dollars with glowing skin!
It has been an up and down week, throughout which my patience is proving to be even more rubbish than my yoga. What have you been up to this week?

2 thoughts on “Knee pain and a Knee’s Up

  1. Hi Lucy. It must be so frustrating while you have an injury. But keep going you are doing great. What have I been up to? Well I love walking and me and Rob went hiking in the Cleveland Hills on Thursday. The weather was so bad up there with hail, sleet and strong wind which was nearly blowing me over. But we actually found a little ladybird needthe away in a quiet woodland. I met with Jane O’Keeffe on Friday for a meal and drinks and I was telling her about your running. She was going to get in touch with you.
    Good luck with your recovery. Have a good week.


  2. Wow! A Lady bird this early? Spring is coming! We saw our first bee enjoying the snowdrops at Gibside on Sunday too! I love a good walk, not been doing enough of it. You and Rob had better take care in the wind on your hikes though I think there is frosty wind expected. Have a great week!


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