Great Running!

Hello to everyone who is visiting my running log thanks to the Great Run group for sharing my story!

It was a fantastic surprise when my sister Beth shared the Great North 10k Run’s post on Facebook telling the importance of the MS Trust‘s work and the fantastic people who have supported me! Their post has been a great boost to me and I am really looking forward to running the Simplyhealth Great North 10k Run in the summer with 5000 other runners and my randomly selected virtual running buddy!

Do let me know if you are running the Great North 10k Run, I’d love to hear from you!

Want to join me as a virtual runner? Please take a look to find out how!

2 thoughts on “Great Running!

  1. A 10k run in the Summer gives you something to focus on while you are in recovery. How are your baby steps coming along?
    We went out hiking again last week. Climbed Old Man of Coniston. It was thick with snow on top. Thank goodness for our spikes and decent clothing. We were with one of Rob’s friends who is experienced in such conditions. So I wasn’t worried and it was good experience. It was wonderful to be up in the mountains again. I love it up there. We are so looking forward to springtime so we can get out more.
    Have a good week Lucy. Take care. Happy running.

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  2. Oh Cathy that sounds gorgeous! Tell me you took some pictures? Glad you were sensible and walking with someone who is experienced in those conditions it can be really risky can’t it? I love the fresh air that you get from the mountain tops leaves you feeling so free!
    Not long now till Spring, although I love how all the flowers are starting to show themselves already. Going to write a post about my baby steps soon, it does feel like 1 step forward 2 steps back at the moment, but they are steps at least!


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