Celebrating at the Running Fox

What better way to celebrate my birthday in the year of my running challenge than afternoon tea at the renowned country bakery The Running Fox?

Last night I strapped up my knee in another step to try and help my recovery and get back on the road. I was able to distract my frustration with preparing the name settings for our afternoon celebrations in Felton, Northumberland. Goodness everyone’s orders sounded delicious!

On Sunday 13 of my family and friends gathered around a long table, with glasses of prosecco, pints of real Northumbrian ale and pots of tea ready to toast the birthday celebrations. 

The Running Fox afternoon tea, is not for the light stomached but have no fear the friendly staff are ready with boxes should you need to take anything home if you’re too full! It is an absolute decadent bargain, with a huge wedge of pie, massive gourmet sandwich, monstrous scone (cream or cheese) and a slice of cake accompanied by endless tea or coffee all for only £12.50!

I thoroughly enjoyed the good conversation from Mum, Dad, Paul, Margaret, John and Sheila accompanying my scrumptious sausage, cheddar and chutney sandwich. 

Paul and I were could be sat quietly making our way through the goodies in front of us. The laughter from Chris, Beth, Angela, Neil and Emily went very well with my delicious corned beef pie followed quickly by a cream scone. 

It was a really lovely afternoon in the Spring sunshine, with fantastic company and great food. This is the kind of afternoon that makes you feel very lucky with life.

If you are ever in Northumberland we all thoroughly recommend the Running Fox Bakery but be warned it’s very popular so you often have to book weeks in advance!

4 thoughts on “Celebrating at the Running Fox

  1. Happy birthday Lucy. The scones look gorgeous in that bakery. Wow! Don’t overdo the running on that leg.
    We were hiking again this week. We went to Kirby Stephen and climbed to Nine Standards Rigg. Then got completely lost in fog and couldn’t find out path. Had just learned how to walk on a compass bearing the day before. Little did we know that we would be consolidatng our learning in the field so soon lol! All’s well that ends well.

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