Inspiring women

So yesterday was International Women’s Day and I thought what better way to celebrate it than share some of the women who have inspired me recently. (Admittedly this is a tad lad thanks to being so incredibly busy at the moment!) So in no particular order

Above are some members representing all of the female members my support team!

All of them women who are part of my Support Team (and of course the men too but this post is featuring women only!). They inspire me every day reminding me that people are willing to step up and support you, no matter what the challenge or their reason. Thank you so much!

My sisters Beth, Jane and one of my best friends Emily inspire me for battling with Hyperemesis Gravidarum throughout their pregnancies, bringing such wonderful little people into the world. HG is such a severe form of pregnancy sickness, that is little understood by anyone who hasn’t suffered from it (including myself) and which saw them hospitalised on a number of occasions. They managed to smile throughout the 9 months, despite having to listen to people helpfully telling them ‘Oh it’s just a bit of morning sickness’ or ‘Have you tried ginger?’ The rewards have meant that we have a new generation of wonderful women with Annabelle, Clara, Felicity and Charlotte (and another baby on the way – it may be a fantastic boy or girl). To know these women and hear of others, who, when times got really tough, managed to make difficult decisions and carry on with life and live with the results is an inspiration to everyone.


My Mum, I think most people would say their Mum has inspired them wouldn’t they?! But my Mum has been there through thick and thin with not just me, but my sisters, family friends and complete strangers and I mean time these times are often tough. She herself has had battled cancer, and came through it supporting other. She has always inspired me to keep my chin up no matter what and the importance of friends. She will randomly send me a card filled with words to inspire me to continue to aim for the stars no matter what the barriers are! You may recognise her face, this is likely to be she’s either chatted to you in a cafe shop or on the bus or because several years ago she featured on ITV’s SurpriseSurprise where she was recognised for all of the help and support she has given people! Even when times are tough you will always know Amanda Pritchard has got your back!

Credit: MS Trust

Since being diagnosed with MS in 2014, Kadeena Cox has become a successful para-athlete, competing on the track and also on bike, and was part of Team GB at the Rio  Paralympics. She is the first athlete to win medals in two different sports since 1984. Not quite as importantly but something I would love to have a go at, she got her hands on the the Christmas Robot Wars trophy on the BBC! She is also featuring on The Jump on Channel completing some crazy challenges and raising the awareness of MS. Showing that a diagnosis of MS does not define you!

Credit: BBC Strictly

When the possibility of MS was first mentioned and I was deeply in shocked I was watching The People’s Strictly on BBC. One of the contestant’s was  Trishna Bharadi who had been diagnosed with MS severl years earlier. She is a great ambassador for the MS Society and actively showed people that they can live a full life with the condition and actively manage their symptoms (although it may be a different life than they originally imagined). She regularly plays hockey and takes part in fitness classes. Her example was something that I held on to in the most difficult time of my diagnosis, inspiring me to realise that I did not have to reside myself to a life of doom and gloom as long as I fully understood my condition and tried to make the best out of it.

2 thoughts on “Inspiring women

  1. Wow! I can’t believe you included me in your inspirational women post. I am so honoured. You are so strong Lucy. You are a true inspiration. My life is an absolute doddle compared to yours. I am retired and can do as I please. You are working and fighting a serious condition. Your parents, I know, give you immense strength and I often wish my parents were still here. Mam particularly always gave me positive messages. But sadly she died in 2001 after many years with dementia. So I lost her ( in reality) a long, long time ago. Hooray for strong women! Have a good week.


  2. ❤ Thank you for including me in your inspiring women Lucy. I think family is so important in whatever struggles you have and we are very lucky to have such a supportive one. Love you xxx


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