Going Dutch!

I must apologise for not writing about my running. I wanted to wait until I had something to actually report. After a fortnight of resting my leg, by abstaining from any exercise apart from necessary walking and gentle stretching I started back with the recovery training. Starting again to run with my running buddy Felicity! Each session I walk for 10 minutes run for 30seconds and then walk for a further 10minutes. Then once at home I gently stretch. This is followed by a rest day being mindful of how my leg is feeling. Each session the run period increases by 30 seconds. 

This time I have been going slow and steady, not running like a dog who has finally been let of their leash. 

Over the last fortnight me and my nearly 6 month old running buddy have each learnt something new. Me – the importance of patience and actually enjoying it, Felicity – the ability to stick your tongue and not wanting to put it away. EVER. 

Tonight was my 4 minute run. The longest run of my recovery yet. After I got in to start my stretches my dad dropped round a parcel that had been sent to me all the way from the Netherlands. I was not expecting a parcel. Mum and I were so intrigued. Had I ordered something on Amazon and forgotten about it?!

It was from Bert! A member of my support team who lives with his family in the Netherlands. Bert is a family friend who originally my Mum stopped to talk with whilst she and Dad were on a walk in the  Northumberland countryside some years ago. Bert and his lovely wife often holiday in the North East of England and can be persuaded to break from their adventures meet my parents for dinner and catch up if they have time on their action packed schedules. I ran once with Bert and his son after they had been cycling a long distance. I want to say it was the coast to coast but I might be wrong. I enjoyed their company immensely and I soon discovered that Bert and his son are very good runners despite claiming to be shattered from their bicycle trek! Keeping up was fun!

Inside the packing I found a lovely tin of (I am reliablely informed by Bert’s accompanying note) Dutch Stroopwafels! As soon as my Mum found out what the kind gift was she was thrilled. She apparently loves these delicacies. Unfortunately for her, Bert had also warned me in the note that I was to keep them away from Mum and Dad because he knows they are addicted to them!

Thank you so much Bert for thinking of me from all the way over the sea! Things have been quite stressful recently and I can’t tell you how much it lightened my load and made me really smile. Knowing that I have the support of people like you encourages me to keep being sensible with my recovery runs because I will get there in the end and it will be all worth while. In the mean time I will walk/jog/stretch and enjoy my stroopwafels with a smile, knowing that together my support team and I are achieving something amazing for people effected by MS. 

Thank you Bert! Please note the colour of my running top in honour of going Dutch!

*Post update – I have just had my first ever stroopwafel as a reward for completing my run. Wow they are amazing! Thank you so much Bert! 

5 thoughts on “Going Dutch!

  1. What a lovely gift 😊 Don’t forget to save one for me!
    Well done on your run- I know it’s frustrating for you not being able to run as much as you want, but in the long run (no pun intended!!) it’s for the best! Xxx

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  2. What a lovely gift Lucy.
    You are obviously going through a tough time at the moment. It must be like 1 step forward and 2 steps back. But you always manage to find a positive. And your little buddy at the moment it’s perfect for you at this time.
    I have been out and about again. North Pennines this time. I’ll email you photos.
    Keep up the good work Lucy.

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  3. So lovely Cathy and so tasty! My steps are in the right direction at the moment Cathy which is a real boost. Can’t wait to see your photos I bet your latest adventure was amazing!


  4. You enjoy them all. Don’t give m away. You don’t have to go Dutch. Lennert and I met your mom during our C2C in 2011 and the running with you was either after our Hadrian’s or Reivers cycletrip. I’m not sure if it was 2012 or 2013. Nevermind, I was totally knackered after those 3 miles running with you.
    You keep up the good work. Keep running and fighting. Lots of love. Bert

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