It’s official ducks don’t like…

Yesterday I was joined on my recovery run by two of my Support Team. Step forward Clara Warwick and Amanda Pritchard!

Clara is staying with my mum and Dad whilst her mummy and daddy are staying in hospital after the birth of her beautiful baby sister! Congratulations Beth and Chris such brilliant news!

Clara was keen on joining me for a run (she loves the outdoors) so mum gamely joined us. We started outside the house doing our stretches. Then we were off to complete our 10 minute walk. Admittedly Clara started losing after 3 minutes but we finally made it to the river where we spotted the ducks! So we started our run home to get some food from Grampa to feed them and get back before they had disappeared. I was sent off ahead so I could run at my normal pace. I planned it so I could leap back on the adventurous runners and we could take in a race to the finish. It was a lovely afternoon with the birds in full chorus and I managed my 4.5 minutes reasonably well! 

Then the big race came, on your marks, get set… “hang on Auntie Lucy the proper runners have to go first. You are not a proper runner so you have to go behind us”. Thus I knew my place and once Clara had stolen my hairband because proper runners need to keep the hair out of their face we were off and I lost. Proper runners are just too quick for me…

Running admist the blossom and birdsong

At the door we were given a bag full of lettuce for the ducks. They say that bread is bad for birds now! We walked our 10minutes recovery on our merry way to where we last so the ducks. But they had gone! So we played poosticks with our lettuce instead. As I seemed to lose every race here too I think can class myself as not a proper lettuce thrower!

As we made our way home across another bridge we spotted the ducks down the river. With much excitement we threw some of the lettuce to entice them towards us. They joined us so fast, until they realised it wasn’t bread that we were throwing. Honestly they took one look at the lettuce and looked at us to say this isn’t proper duck food! They were off down the river again. 

So we made our way home, proper runners allowed on one path and Auntie Lucy on the other, promising next time we’ll try peas!

It was great having the company of my support team! Thank you!

2 thoughts on “It’s official ducks don’t like…

  1. Ha,ha! That sounds like you had the best time and cleverly managed to weave in your running and recovery time while entertaining your niece. Fantastic!

    Keep up the good work Lucy. You are amazing.

    I’m feeling frustrated today because we had planned to take Rob’s sister and her husband on a hike to Roseberry Topping. But, as this would be their first proper hike, we were mindful of the windy conditions ( as first a couple ago) and postponed it until next weekend. But sitting here looking out of my window at the moment it’s sunny. Although I can hear gutsy wind out there. So maybe our decision was the right one. I hope so.

    I’ll send you pics when we do climb it. Take care and have a good week.


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