A first…

My recovery runs have been gradually increasing and on Saturday for the first time in 3 months I ran one mile! It was such an achievement, leaving me feeling very proud. A great way to keep you motivated when spending the nicest weekend of the year so far packing your house up.

However tonight I took my sense of achievement to a whole new level.

After walking 10 minutes listening to the bird song, running a heart lifting two miles and then walking a further 10 minutes to my temporary abode, I caught up with Paul and stretched my legs. And stretched. And stretched a bit further. For the first time in my life I touched my toes and didn’t bend my knees once!

Now for many of you this might be an easy feat. But I have always suffered from flexibility that can only be described as laughable. The one test I failed in PE at school, was the sit and reach test. I couldn’t even touch the board with the tip of my finger nails. And after months out of running due to aches caused by extreme tight muscles I can suddenly reach like I’ve never reached before. So to touch my toes is just amazing. John’s physio must be magic!

I would have taken a photo but I was so excited of my new discovery I jumped up waving my hands in the air.

So here is a picture from my run of the beautiful evening instead:

I have now repeated my new found skill several time tonight to Beth, Mum, Paul again and lovely little Eliza! There’s no stopping me!

One thought on “A first…

  1. Hooray! Well done Lucy. For touching your toes for the very first time and for getting back into some decent running again.

    You have done so very well building up your distance again. And look at the positives. Your injury meant that you had physio which has made you more flexible than you have ever been!!!

    Keep up the good work.

    I had a wonderful hiking day on Saturday with Rob, Chris and Peter (Rob’s sister and her husband). They are new to hiking and loved it when we took them to Roseberry Topping and the James Cook Monument. The weather was perfect and the views were wonderful. We will be taking them hiking again because they loved it so much. I’ll send you some pics.

    Have a good week.

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