We did it!

So, as you know for the 2 months I have been in recovery building up my runs. Each step of these recovery runs I have been joined by my virtual running partner Felicity. 

Starting each session we walked for 10minutes and slowly increasing the length of time I ran before going back to 10 minutes walking. Listening to my leg and knee as We went. On Saturday I was matching my goal of running for as long as one of my walking periods. A whole 10 minutes. I managed to run a mile in that time! A break through. 

On Monday I ran for 18minutes and achieved 2 miles. I also discovered that I am able to touch my toes for the first time in my life. Thanks to my physio and stretching. 

On Wednesday night I donned my proper running gear (Clara would have been impressed) and went out for a 28 minute run. My calves were very tight all the way but in that time I ran 3.2miles! I got straight into a lovely warm bath as soon as I got home to try and relax those calf muscles. 

We did it Felicity! Whilst I am still not out of the woods with my knee, by being sensible and patient (two newly learnt virtues for me!) we are getting back there! So thank you for being my virtual running partner through this time. It’s wonderful to see how much You have achieved in this time too:

Thank you also to Clara, Mum and Paul for joining me on my runs and to Bert for the wise words and amazing stroopwafel which became a post running treat staple!

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