My virtual runner ain’t no fool!

Tomorrow is April’s Fool Day and Paul and I will be getting up at the crack of dawn to get ourselves to Cragside near Rothbury to run the Run Nation 10k around the grounds.

Today my virtual running partner for tomorrow has been randomly selected as Pauline C! Thank you so much for your support Pauline, I will definitely be thinking of you as I try and take it easy with my knee around what is said to be a challenging and hilly course!

You can view the route map here I am a bit nervous for this one as obviously I haven’t been able to prepare for it anywhere near as much as I would normally, but slow and steady will complete the run!

I’ll report back how it goes.

4 thoughts on “My virtual runner ain’t no fool!

  1. Wow, from 3.2 miles to 10K in just 2 days! Isn,’t that a bit too much? You take care now. You don’t have to finish it to still being my hero.

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  2. Thank you for your thoughts Bert. i have always wanted to do this run as Cragside is so beautiful and every year something important has come up which is meant I haven’t been able to. I wanted to take part in it, even if it meant I had to walk some/all of it. Your kind words meant so much to me, because I have always struggled with not running an event completely, but I was being sensible and knew that for the long term stopping would have been the best thing. However luckily my knee was fine! I am thrilled 🙂


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