Consistency and the Mystery of the Anonymous Virtual Runner

Apologies I am a week behind on my  log. My 3 virtual runners for the week beginning 10 April were:

  • Sophie Daniels
  • Anonymous 8/12/16
  • John Dowling

My running week started on Monday with a relaxed run in the cold winds. I have been shaking off a cold which doesn’t seem to be budging. A blocked nose can be an interesting element to running. Anyone got any remedies or tips for getting rid of a pesky cold? 

As I ran I was listening to Stephen Fry’s narration of the Order of the Phoenix on Audible. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to Stephen Fry’s telling of these stories I thoroughly recommend them. 

Remembering Colin’s (my friend from Durham) advice the aim of my Monday run was to keep a consistent pace across each mile. Thanks to this Durham connection Sophie was my virtual runner that night. We completed a 3.6mile route in 35.09minutes. We met very few people on the route along the main road, until I added a little lap Paul had showed me on my last run. Where I passed a lovely gentleman on a mobility scooter twice and he called some friendly encouragement. 

My calfs were slightly tight again on this run. I have been putting some extra stretches in at the end of my runs to try to manage this. 

My overall pace was relatively consistent not quite as much as I would like but getting there. 

Thank you Sophie for joining me for this run, it was a lovely consistent run through the local estates, wondering how Harry would get through his next escapade. 

My second run of the week on Tuesday evening was with Anonymous 8/12/16. Firstly I want to take the opportunity to thank all the people who have supported me anonymously. Unfortunately unlike other fundraising websites BT Donate does not share any information about anonymous supporters with the fundraiser. So I cannot thank you personally. The only identifying information I have is the date you kindly sponsored me, so I hope you recognise your run and know that I really appreciate your support. 

I ran alonger version of the night before a run, heading in the opposite direction first to loop back on myself. Again to the story of Harry Potter and friends escaping the Dark Lord. Again I used my Garmin forerunner watch to keep an eye on my heart rate and pace aiming for consistency in my mileage. It wasn’t a fast run but each mile was in 10seconds of the next. I continue to aim to improve this. 

Thank you Anonymous 8/12/16 for joining me on one of my longest runs of the year.  The route was pretty quiet so it was great to have someone running beside me!

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