I have a cunning plan

I have been looking on the internet for a running training plan for a little while. Something to follow to improve my running and fitness. There are lots of free options available to you online. In the past I have used the my asics running plan  where you are given a free run plan telling you the number of miles to run and the pace to run them and you can log runs and plan your routes but it doesn’t sync with my Garmin watch and it is clunky to sync with Strava. I was looking for a plan which also gives a range of runs to help improve my running including things like intervals etc.

Paul is a lot more into his analytics of cadence, suffer score etc and spends many an hour reading online about these exercise things. So I did what any dedicated but not too interested in all the science runner would do, I asked him to find me one.

Two days later and he sent me the We Run plans (a choice of three depending on how I was feeling).

So on Monday with my virtual running partner Dave, I completed a 40minute relaxed run. Before I set off I had to go back to the We Run website to check what they thought the term ‘relaxed’ meant and whether it was the same as my understanding. Pleased to say it was, So a nice steady run was called for. I retraced a previous run in reverse to add a bit of variety.

I ran through Gosforth Park, passed the Race Course and the signs for the Living North Fair and back to base. All the time keeping an eye on my heart rate, so I stayed ‘relaxed’ in my run. After 35minutes I started to keep an eye on my watch. I was going to stick to the plan and wasn’t going to push over the 40minutes even though I was happy and could have done so. So I changed my route to a shorter version so I could get back in the 40 minutes (or at least. close to base). I was rather proud of myself for sticking to the plan, which was after all created by people who know what they’re talking about!

Thank you for running with me Dave on day one of the hopefully cunning plan!

Run stats

Virtual Running Buddy: Dave

Distance: 4.8miles

Time: 46:56

Average pace: 9:38/mile


– Mile 1: 9:48

– Mile 2: 9:56

– Mile 3: 10:00

– Mile 4: 9:30

Achievements: 2 x segment personal records and making the choice to stick to the plan

2 thoughts on “I have a cunning plan

  1. Well done Lucy. I admire your ability to stick to a properly devised plan when it can be so easy to throw caution to the wind, especially when you feel you can do more.

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