The tortoise might be a hare…

We have been away for a week so I am behind on my posts apologies. Taking us back to last Thursday 20 April.

I was not looking forward to this evenings run. My training plan instructed me to run 45 minutes; which consisted of a warm up, then 25 minutes at threshold and then warm down. I wasn’t sure what threshold meant but it didn’t sound good. Checking the handy online heart rate calculator that I double checked, and it means that I needed to run with a heart rate of 146-159bpm. Oh joy, this was going to be far faster than I have been running (or up some serious hills).

So the evening started with a significant level of procrastination. I got myself ready into my running gear and went find Mum and Dad taking a much deserved break in the garden. 15 minutes later, of discussing the weather, how much I wasn’t looking forward to going for this run, what they had been up to, how much I wasn’t looking forward to going for this run, work, how much I wasn’t looking forward to going for this run and what was for tea, oh and did I mention how much I wasn’t looking forward to going for this run.

I knew I couldn’t let my virtual running partner Emma down and as Mum, Dad and I had already discussed that it was a gorgeous evening and it would be a shame to waste it. So I headed out starting with a 10 minute warm up run, the sun was shining and the birds were singing and soon the 10 minutes were over.

I quickened the pace keeping an eye on my heart rate as it climbed over 148bpm.  Even when running up the hill passed ‘Amanda’s Wall’ (an infamous wall Mum tipped herself and her bike into when we were out training many years ago) and things got a little tougher, I kept the pace ensuring my heart rate didn’t go above 159bpm. I know the beats per minute because I couldn’t stop myself from checking my wrist after 30/20/10 seconds.

And do you know what? I was enjoying this run. It was a real challenge, I hadn’t run this quick in a long time but my knee was doing well and I wasn’t dying. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t breathing comfortably but I was still breathing.

In 25 minutes I had run through Gosforth Park, passed Gregs factory (no stopping to beg for a pasty) and back through the fields. I was thrilled when I realised there was only three minutes to go, I was doing this! Then I realised I was no good at running and doing maths at the same time, I actually had 8 minutes to go, but it didn’t matter the sun was still shining, the breeze was pleasant and  more importantly I was smiling!

And sooner than I imagined I was cooling down, running at a slower pace (which was still pretty fast for me) and feeling fantastic. I was honestly buzzing, with a sense of achievement.

Once home I was telling everyone who would listen (and some who wouldn’t on the third retelling) just how proud I felt of completing a run that I had really not been looking forward to, finding it tough when out there, but nowhere as near as bad as I had thought and I had owned it!

Thank you for giving me the motivation to stop procrastinating and get out and run Emma!

Run stats

Running Buddy: Emma

Distance: 5.75miles

Time: 51:49

Average pace: 9:01/mile


– Mile 1: 9:44

– Mile 2: 8:41

– Mile 3: 8:42

– Mile 4: 8:20

– Mile 5: 9:14

– Mile 0.75: 9:31

Achievements: 3 x segment personal records

What have you been putting off, that when you have managed to persuade yourself to do it, it is has actually turned out to be great?


2 thoughts on “The tortoise might be a hare…

  1. Well done Lucy.

    In answer to your question: I can’t think of a time where I have really dreaded doing something and then found it not so bad. Apart from when I went to the dentist to have a tooth out lol!!! I think it’s just that I tend to take things in my stride and don’t get too worked up about things. I have an inherent belief that I can do whatever it is that I set my mind to do. I believe we all can. You especially so! So stop dwelling on those negative vibes and get out there and smash it like you always do.

    Keep up the good work, so very pleased that your injuries are behind you now and you are being careful with your running.

    Go Lucy, Go Lucy!!!!


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