Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside!

So this is another one of my catch up posts. Three weeks ago Paul and I had headed to Seahouses, a lovely old fishing village on the Northumberland coast for a weeks holiday. Paul’s Dad and Margaret own a lovely caravan there and it’s a great base to go exploring my beloved Northumberland.

We arrived slightly late on the Friday night after work. The reason that we were late is because we had to double back when we had got about half an hour up the A1 because some idiot (me) had forgotten her running trainers. Despite trying to convince anyone who would listen that it was not too late to go running after I had unpacked, I finally did the sensible thing, got slightly huffy with myself, had a pizza and discussed my route with Margaret whilst waiting to go out the next day.

After walking around the gorgeous Hulne Park in Alnwick (well worth a wander of the three official walks 3mile/4mile/6mile if you’re ever in the area, but shhh don’t tell anyone it’s a still seems to be a secret and that’s the beauty of it) I went for my run. I was following my training plan, and it was a 40 minute easy run, as the wind was quite bitter this sounded good to me. I ran along the front, enjoying the views out to the Farne Islands and then headed in land.

I always think it is fun running somewhere you don’t really know. People often talk about the mental challenge of running. Keeping yourself going as you pound our route, particularly if it’s a route you run regularly.  

So being somewhere completely different means there’s lots to see and explore. And get lost in. Which is precisely what I did. Twice. So today’s run heavily featured the art of doubling back on yourself and making it look like this is precisely what you meant to do to the local dog walkers/ramblers you pass twice. Who am I kidding?! I wasn’t fooling anyone.

Run stats

Distance: 4.34 miles

Time: 40:27

Average pace: 9:19/mile


– Mile 1: 9:02

– Mile 2: 9:14

– Mile 3: 9:34

– Mile 4: 9:25

– Mile 0.3: 9:47

My last run of the week on the Sunday, we had said goodbye to Margaret and Paul’s Dad and had been enjoying a very chilled day kicking round the caravan. However I can only kick round the caravan for so long and then I get itchy. Last time I chilled like this, was when Paul and I were on our first holiday in Portugal and I ended writing my first plot for Murders We Wrote! So I headed out, for what I told Paul a quick run to get the fresh coastal air, whilst he made dinner.

My knee was feeling good as I ran and it was another gorgeous sunny day, so how could I waste it? I had a rough route in my head for a quick run, but I again I couldn’t quite get it right, which meant I ended up running down some path’s to several farmer’s homes and quickly turning round. Somewhere on this meandering run I managed to get myself into the top 10 lady runners for one of the segments I must have accidentally run through.

My training plan required me to complete an 11 mile run but I had told Paul I was only going out for a quick run. Now it’s on days like this when my competitive nature takes over. I am not competing with anyone else but myself. I had forgotten about the efforts back in the caravan going into a scrumptious tea of bangers and mash (I had been talking about that dinner all week) and decided I was going for the miles. I was running towards Bamburgh, clocking up the miles and enjoying my longest run of the year, when suddenly my energy ran out. I felt rubbish. Ooh the cramps! I slowed down, finishing the miles and got myself back to Paul. Where between my moans of self pity, I agreed that next time I need to drink more water before I head out and I will not run until I feel sick. It’s no fun for anyone.

An hour later I was chirpy again, enjoying a yummy tea, chuffed that I had run the distance but knowing that I had been an idiot.

Run stats

Distance: 11.03 miles

Time: 1:51:48

Average pace: 10:08/mile


– Mile 1: 9:49

– Mile 2: 8:34

– Mile 3: 9:57

– Mile 4: 10:16

– Mile 5: 10:02

– Mile 6: 9:40

– Mile 7: 9:52

– Mile 8: 10:25

– Mile 9: 10:16

– Mile 10: 10:57

– Mile 11: 11:38

Achievements: Best estimated 10 mile effort, Best estimated 15k effort, Best estimated 400m effort, 10th overall on Ingram Shelter to Bamburgh (wohoo awarded with a gold cup with 10 on it!)

5 thoughts on “Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside!

  1. Ha ha! Lucy you are so honest. I don’t think I would have admitted to half of that lol! It sounds like you are enjoying your distances at the moment. Apart from when you get lost or run so much you make yourself sick lol!
    Keep up the good work.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You must tell me how you do that Cathy! My sister is desperate to post and it won’t let her without having an account and I have tried all the settings and I can’t get it to allow people to post without an account. What’s your secret?


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