Cantering through Country and Coast

So I am way behind on my reporting (but luckily not my running) it is becoming an ever increasing challenge to catch up with myself so I thought the best thing to do is share my records of my previous runs quickly!

My Virtual Running Buddies for the week were Alison Slater, Daniel, Janne. Thank you so much for your support and joining me on an enjoyable week running in the country!

Northumberland country lanes

Date: 25.04.17

Location: Seahouses, Northumberland

Distance: 6.13miles

Time: 1:07:01

Run notes: It was absolutely pouring down today so Paul and I got ourselves to the Ocean Club gym. Now personally I am not a massive fan of gyms but needs must. The training task for today’s run was to warm-up, then 4 x 9 minutes at threshold (with 2 minutes jog recovery in between), warm down. So I got on the treadmill, popped in my details, chose a plan and away I went. After the first 9 minutes of threshold pace, I was asking myself why oh why did I choose that plan for running. Who wants to run at threshold and up hills?! But I persevered with my unpleasant run, enjoying each 2 minutes of recovery in between (they weren’t really jogs because I couldn’t get my sweaty fingers to move fast enough on the darn treadmill) and knowing that I would feel great with a glass of wine afterwards!

Passing the fields

Date: 27.04.17

Location: Seahouses, Northumberland

Distance: 4.13miles

Time: 41.11

Average pace: 9.59


– Mile 1 – 9:38

– Mile 2 – 10:14

– Mile 3 – 10:27

– Mile 4 – 9:53

– 0.1 Mile – 7:43

A lovely circular loop run along the roads from Seahouses. Passing fresh green fields and lovely cottages. The training plan simply stated a 40 minute easy run and that’s exactly what I did. Listening to the birds as I ran past the sheep, so very idyllic.


Date: 28.04.17

Location: Seahouses and Bamburgh, Northumberland

Distance: 12.11miles

Run notes: This was a gorgeous run along the seafront towards Bamburgh. They were doing road works on the main route to the old regional capital so I diverted onto the beach. Now sand isn’t my favourite surface to run on, but the beautiful views to the Farne Islands and Lindisfarne provided the perfect distraction. After picking my way across the rocks and their hidden pools, I ran in the shadows of the ancient capital fortress, to the streets of the quaint coastal town. On I went passed the tourists and sausage roll and ice cream shops to get back on the open country roads. I created my own loop back to the caravan by deciding to run down lanes I had never been down before, admiring the beautiful country houses and gardens basking in the gorgeous sunshine.  

It was another great run in the beautiful Northumberland countryside, with sand, sea and stunning country houses steadily putting in the miles!

Time: 2:01:00

Average pace: 10:00min/mile


– Mile 1: 9:49

– Mile 2: 10:41

– Mile 3: 11:23

– Mile 4: 10:37

– Mile 5: 9:53

– Mile 6: 9:48

– Mile 7: 9:35

– Mile 8: 9:31

– Mile 9: 9:40

– Mile 10: 9:18

– Mile 11: 10:18

– Mile 12: 9:42

– 0.1 mile: 7:34

Achievements: 15km personal record, 10 miles personal record

And to finish with a few images from our walk around Holy Island, before the rain came in!

Thank you again to my virtual runners, Alison, Daniel and Janne, it was great touring this gorgeous corner of Northumberland with you 🙂



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