Running batty to 400km!

Week: 29.05.17-04.06.17 My virtual runners this week Alun, Charlotte and Diana Bazeley. Thank you for your support for my challenge and ensuring the good weather was out for our runs, it makes them so much more appealing. Together this week we hit a fantastic milestone! Date: 30.05.17 Location: Gosforth, Newcastle Distance: 5.81 miles Time: 51:36.7 Run notes: It was … More Running batty to 400km!

We came, we ran, we conquered

Week: 22.05.17-29.05.17 This week my virtual runners are Tom Sharpe, Dave Adie and Mike, thank you for supporting me throughout the week! Date: 22.05.17 Location: Gosforth, Newcastle Distance: 4.22 miles Time: 44:39.9 Run notes: For tonight’s run I made my way to Wheatslade, quickly becoming my stomping ground (quite literally) for any hill rep activity. (It is the only … More We came, we ran, we conquered

Map my run

My virtual running buddies this week were: John Jobson and Margaret Allison. Thank you for supporting me through this a second half week of running! This week I came down with a cold. And when I say a cold I mean a completely wipes you out, no-one wants to be near you cold.  So for … More Map my run