The good, the great and the ugly

Week: 15.05.17-21.05.17

Pat Richards, Mark Richardson, Peter Bainbridge

Date: 16.05.17

Location: Gosforth, Newcastle

Distance: 4.86 miles

Time: 41:57.4

Run notes: It was a lovely sunny day, but not the kind that is really close and clammy, there was a light breeze in the air. Despite the friction graze on my rib cage I had received from my usually trusted sports bra on my long, soggy run at the weekend I fancied going out for a run. It’s been a little while since I just fancied going out for a run. Recently there has been a sense of needing to go out to get the miles/kms in. The Training plan called for: 40 minutes easy including 6 x 20 sec strides. I am glad that I had a Google in advance for what the term strides meant when included in a running plan, otherwise I would have been raising a few eyebrows with my Monty Python like log paced running style. I found this helpful guide, but for those who can’t be bothered to look, strides or accelerations (don’t you know?!) is when you run for a short period of time (20 seconds in my case) building up to 95% of your max speed and then gradually slow to a jog.

Time to remind you of my newly found inability to count and run at the same time. I am enjoy the different training elements as it keeps things fresh for me on a run, but seriously. Multi-tasking is clearly not a good thing when out of breath.

I ran through each stride giving myself of 90 seconds between each one, and what do you know? It was a good running day. Even when running easy, I was running fast. I completed the 4.8mile circuit and was buzzing. I knew I had ran well and couldn’t wait to see and share the results. As I sat in the garden with Paul and my Dad I once again regaled them with tales of my efforts. Their ability to look interested on the sixth telling is getting better.

Average pace: 8.58/mile


– Mile 1 – 9:07/mi

– Mile 2 – 8:21/mi

– Mile 3 – 8:27/mi

– Mile 4 – 8:44/mi

– 0.8 Mile – 8:26/mi

Achievements: I won a cup with a 7 on it! Meaning I am in the top 10 for a segment! Plus 3 x Segment personal records

Date: 17.05.17

Location: Gosforth, Newcastle

Distance: 7.96 miles

Time: 01:11:23

Run notes: Tonight’s training called for 70 minutes with 45 minutes just slower than Marathon Pace and last 25 minutes at strong effort at around half marathon pace. Translated into Lucy language (who doesn’t know her marathon pace), 45 minutes slow running with wishful ambitions of running a marathon at 9:15 a mile followed by 25 minutes a bit quicker but probably tired at this point and my pace for both marathon and half seem to be the same so let’s try it in any case.

I took a little bit of a different route to my usual lap, so that I didn’t have to repeat any of the lap. And when I say different, I mean I added a bit on from one of longer routes and didn’t in reverse. (No. Not running backwards. Even I am not that silly). It is amazing how different a route seems when you run it the other way. You suddenly discover hills that you had never notice before – probably because you were enjoying going down them at the time.

It was a good ploddy run, passing a number of walkers enjoying the pleasant event whilst I attempted to run to the pace guides I had set myself.

Oh I also tried my socks (a Christmas gift from the Metcalfes) and I blumming love them! I got them a bit muddy, but they are all fluffy and moisture wicking with a lack seams which meant a really comfy run. I am going to have discover where to get myself some more from!


Average pace: 8.37/mile


– Mile 1 – 9:10

– Mile 2 – 9:16

– Mile 3 – 9:26

– Mile 4 – 9:04

– Mile 5 – 9:32

– Mile 6 – 8:35

– Mile 7 – 8:31

– 0.9 Mile  – 8:26

Achievements: 3 x segment personal records

Date: 19.05.17

Location: Gosforth, Newcastle

Distance: 4.84 miles

Time: 41:09.2

Run notes: Tonight I scheduled to run 40 minutes easy including 1 x 3 minutes at 10k pace. I love that word: easy. It makes for a nice run. I know that 40 minutes should see me running just over 4 miles so I ran my usual loop, through Gosforth Park. Goodness the race course was busy, lots of people dressed up all fine and dandy and there was me. I would like to say I was a blur so they could see my sweaty self, so I timed my 3 minutes at 10k pace just at this point. I wasn’t a blur but I was fast for me (check out the Mile 3 split below) It was another good run, which felt easy even if the pace was clearly faster than I would normally run an easy run.

I am really getting into looking at my pace. My Garmin watch has become a good friend when I am out clocking up the miles. I am enjoying looking at my run splits after each run and seeing if I am improving. One thing I have definitely noted is it’s difficult to say I have been consistent. But it’s a great week!

Average pace: 8.54/mile


– Mile 1 – 9:08

– Mile 2 – 8:55

– Mile 3 – 7:57

– Mile 4 – 8:19

– 0.8 Mile – 8:10

Achievements: 2 x segment personal records

Date: 20.05.17

Location: Gosforth, Newcastle

Distance: 13.08 miles

Time: 02:07:17

Run notes: Oh dear lord. This was THAT run. You know the run where from the moment you know you are going for the run, you are regretting it. Paul and I had set up a figure of eight loop so I would come back via the house half way to swop tissues (to blow my nose, I am not a lover of those runners who spit) and have a drink of water while running round the close. It had been forecast to rain from the heavens all day until 7pm, so Paul and I had decided to go shopping for a chest freezer (that’s how we roll on a Saturday) and I would go out at 7pm.

I knew I would be tired so asked Paul to tell me to get my feet out the door on and on my way. Which he subsequently did, whilst setting up my water station in the porch for me. Eventually off I went, running towards our old house. I can honestly say I hated every step of this run. Never have my challenge and my virtual runners been so important to me. The thought of letting Pat, Mark and Richard down was not an option. But goodness it was tough. I was listening to a really thought provoking book (The Trouble With Goats and Sheep) A good read but I think it may have been making things worse. I was encouraging myself to carry on I had 12 miles to run. I got to just under half way and I told myself to sort myself out there was just over half way to go, then I looked at my watch. My running friend. Why didn’t it lie to me?! I had only completed 3 miles. 3 miles?! You had to be kidding me?! It felt like the longest 3 miles of the year so far.

I got back for my running round the close water stop, rang the doorbell as agreed with Paul to let him know I had been, and went off again. I would like to say with a renewed spring in my step but there totally wasn’t anything.

I always love it when I get to one step over half way on a route, that means I have passed the furthest point and I am running to the finish. That meant so much on this run. It was odd I had run further, and in hot weather and this was the toughest run I have run.

I got to the end, touched the front door and rang the doorbell. When Paul answered he discovered me standing there, crying my eyes out and when he asked why, I could simply wail, I don’t know! I then tried to persuade him that he should come for a cool down run with me, what was not to love ?! 5 minutes stretching for exercise that he hasn’t done with someone than who was currently worse than Moaning Myrtle. Mysteriously he declined my offer to make tea instead.


Obviously I am writing this run report well after the fact and I can honestly say we have had so many laughs about this run. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the run, it was just one of those runs, but you know I did it. Thanks to my virtual runners, I ran those miles and I ran them relatively quickly. Despite the miles not being fun at the time, they have provided a heck of a lot of giggles since. Confirming that I am an emotional idiot who is good for a laugh.

The going got tough and the overly emotional Lucy got running!

Average pace: 9.44/mile


– Mile 1 – 9:23

– Mile 2 – 9:34

– Mile 3 – 9:45

– Mile 4 – 9:24

– Mile 5 – 9:51

– Mile 6 – 9:13

– Mile 7 – 9:33

– Mile 8 – 10:32

– Mile 9 – 10:41

– Mile 10 – 9:35

– Mile 11 – 9:25

– Mile 12 – 10:16

– Mile 13 – 9:16

Achievements: I ran, no matter what! Best 20k effort, Best 10 mile effort, Best 15k effort

Thank you Pat, Mark and Peter for joining me for what was a great week. Admittedly if you had asked me this on the Saturday night I would have said dear me, thank you for pushing me to go. I couldn’t have coped with the p!@# taking you would have given me for not getting my sorry behind around the 13 miles, you were perfectly, randomly selected for this call of duty! I thank you!

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