GNR Sweepstake!



As part of my 1000km challenge for the MS Trust.  I am going to be taking part in the biggest half marathon in the world on Sunday 10th September.

To make things a little more exciting I have followed a fellow MS Trust fundraiser’s example and I am running a sweepstake on my official finishing time for the run.

It’s only £ 2 per entry, times are randomly selected from my lunch box of destiny (no expense spared!) and you can have as many goes as you like.

If all times are sold then 1st prize = £108, 2nd = £75.60, 3rd = £32.40!

There are 360 times available so please let me know if you would like a go (or several!). You can take part in Proper Little Runner Clara and my first ever attempt at Facebook Live Saturday 12 August!

Thank you,


Official chip time will be counted.  In the (unlikely) event that the time is exactly between two drawn numbers then prize winners will share 1st and 2nd prize money.

30% of total monies will form the prize fund, to be split as follows : 1st = 50%, 2nd = 35%, 3rd = 15%.

Assuming all time slots are sold then first prize = £108, 2nd = £75.60, 3rd = £32.40.  All remaining monies will be paid to the MS Trust.

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