Featuring the Gateshead Trail 10k

This week my virtual runners joining me are Bert, Beth Sutcliffe, Ann, and Dorothy my grandma. Thank you for running with me on this interesting week of running. I can only apologise for the delay in reporting our running adventures.

Date: 07.08.17

Location: Newcastle

Distance: 20.3 miles

Time: 3:23:35

Run notes: After resting last week, I joined Paul for a long run. I really wanted to try and get some miles again. We agreed just to take it easy. We put some jacket potatoes on low in the oven knowing that we would be out for a couple of hours. (My suggestion- it seemed like a good idea at the time)

We started from Mum and Dad’s having organised our usual water stop in their porch with an added Boost (quite literally a Boost chocolate bar waiting to give us a lift).

I made sure I kept an eye on my knee as we ran, having agreed that I would pull out if there was a problem, but it was really great to be out and properly running again.

We picked a comfortable pace and stuck to it. The sun was out as we ran each lap of our 3.5 lap route. It was only as we reached 18 miles that I could feel it in my legs but that was OK because it was just the fatigue of running the longer distance. It was a lovely night and a lovely run and not long to go.

The main topic of conversation for the last two miles, was what would the jacket potatoes be like when we got home? A blackened crisp or a flaming ball of carbohydrates?!

When we got to our agreed finish I couldn’t believe it, I’d gone from having to run very little to running quite a lot. Running at a slow and steady pace I felt such an amazing sense of achievement!

This sense of achievement was doubled when we got home and discovered the jacket potatoes were perfect-if I do say so myself! A completely satisfying night of running!

Average pace: 10:02/mile

Splits: (min/mile)

– Mile 1 – 9:51

– Mile 2 – 9:52

– Mile 3 – 10:08

– Mile 4 – 10:02

– Mile 5 – 10:01

– Mile 6 – 11:15

– Mile 7 – 9:59

– Mile 8 – 10:06

– Mile 9 – 9:59

– Mile 10 – 9:51

– Mile 11 – 9:38

– Mile 12 – 9:56

– Mile 13 – 9:46

– Mile 14 – 9:36

– Mile 15 – 9:33

– Mile 16 – 9:36

– Mile 17 – 10:14

– Mile 18 – 10:20

– Mile 19 – 10:27

– Mile 20 – 10:24

– 0.3 Mile – 10:24

Achievements: 1 x gold cup (5th overall on one segment)

Date: 10.08.17

Location: Gosforth, Newcastle

Distance: 3.3 miles

Time: 32:16

Run notes: A nice recovery run around the block and back again after the long run two days ago. It was great to actively stretch my legs and knowing I wasn’t running any long distance gives you a real sense of freedom!

Average pace: 9.35min/mile


– Mile 1 – 9:11

– Mile 2 – 9:41

– Mile 3 – 9:35

– 0.3 Mile – 10:17

Date: 12.08.17

Location: Swalwell, Gateshead

Distance: 6.2miles

Time: 52:19

Run notes: It was the perfect weather for a run today. I had signed up a week a go to the Gateshead 10k Trail run on the advice of a colleague at work whose said it was a lovely run to do. I had been waiting to see how my legs had felt before confirming my place in the official race.

Once I knew I was good to go Mum, Dad and Paul had agreed to come and support me. Which was really kind of them as I am sure they all had better things to do with their precious time!

As we picked Mum and Dad up, Paul announced he had a prize for me for when I completed the run, all agreeing that time was not important, just taking a nice steady pace was the vital thing for today.

Living near the run route my brother-in-law Chris’ Mum and Dad had kindly said it was fine for us to park on their drive. As anyone who has attended a popular event will know a convenient parking spot is a complete life saver.

Once registered with my run number pinned to my vest, the big challenge as always is to get to a toilet. After joining a very long queue for the portaloos we spotted some ladies going into the rugby club so I followed them thinking it was a cunning plan. It was as cunning as Baldrick’s plans. Another long queue in a dark corridor but for only one toilet. The only thing that reassured me was that I wasn’t going to miss the start of the run was the 10+ runners queuing behind me.

Anyway I said goodbye to the support crew and finally joined the start and there were lots of runners seemingly of all abilities nervously waiting. The local radio station provided the pre-race music and chat. I always find this helps as I stand by myself dancing away. Obviously I mean warming up.

Soon enough we were off and I passed Paul, mum and dad cheering us runners on, with Mum diligently warning of the fence leg tripping hazard near the timing matts.

Soon we were out of the rugby ground and running the lovely trailish paths. The weather was perfect for running with only a slight rain at one point but that just cooled you down. I was comfortable running and enjoying the meandering route around the undulating paths. There was one hill providing a challenging incline, which caused some participants to walk but I had Bert, Beth, Ann and Grandma by my side. I knew the top would come eventually for us so I just kept going.

We were rewarded later for the upward challenge. As I ran down a shaded path after the water station I heard the Kites calling over head a magical sound. The route looped round at this point so I saw the first woman runner and cheered her on her way.

Soon after running cautiously at speed down a steep hill, I was in the same place myself and with only 1.5 miles I knew that I could increase the pace a bit myself.

As I came back into the rugby ground I was all smiles, it’s so lovely to hear people cheering you on. I was looking everywhere for my support team and spotted their smiling faces as I crossed the finish line.

It was a great run and although there wasn’t many charity runners on this one, it was fantastic seeing a whole host of people of all abilities taking on their own challenges and doing it brilliantly.

It was such a lovely vibe. Made even better to discover that Dad or rather a Gareth Pritchard came 3rd in the men’s race. Eeh the giggles we had as Dad boasted of his sporting achievement!

It turns out I had comfortably not stuck to my slow and steady promise. I was steady just a bit faster! Running my fastest mile ever recorded on Strava at some point in the run! Definitely shows runs with positive vibes suit me but I couldn’t have done it without my virtual runners and cheering squad!

The finisher’s goody bag was great and the medal (complete with bottle opener) was one of the best I have been given this year. Then Paul revealed my prize for completing this 10k was a victory Stroop waffel! Bert you really have started an addiction but I had definitely worked for this one!

I would recommend this run to anyone.

Average pace: 8:15min/mile


– Mile 1 – 8:37

– Mile 2 – 8:30

– Mile 3 – 8:33

– Mile 4 – 8:14

– Mile 5 – 7:24

Mile 6 – 7:24

– 0.2 Mile – 1min 19s


Thank you Bert, Beth, Ann and Grandma for joining me on this week of running, overcoming the leg niggles and getting out there and doing it! Thank you for helping me to support the MS Trust in the fantastic work that they do, to celebrate I fully recommend you grab yourself a stroop waffel, sit back and enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Featuring the Gateshead Trail 10k

  1. You,ve still got the stroopwafels. I have to send you some new ones. I ran my first 5k since a year due to hamstring problems. So I am glad you chose me as a virtual buddy. I would love to run with you in the real world. You are doing great.

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  2. I am so pleased you’ve managed to get out for a run. It must have been so frustrating not to be able to run for a whole year! How was the run? The lovely stroop waffels you sent us went after a week of running. Our local supermarket has started to sell them – they are a poor second to the waffels you sent but they have been fuelling my run celebrations for a long time now. They are so addictive! Paul and I love that you introduced us to these amazing things! Thank you for your kind words 🙂 We will definitely have to sort a real world run in the future (I need to keep running off my stroop waffels addiction!!)


  3. I know that area around She’ll and the Derwent Walk well. And those beautiful Red Kites are amazing. So glad you had a good run. Well done Lucy.


  4. I know that area around Swalwell and the Derwent Walk well. And those beautiful Red Kites are amazing. So glad you had a good run. Well done Lucy.


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