Autumn running and MS Trust Virtual 5k

Week: 11.09.17-17.09.17

This week my virtual runners are Jean Snook, Anonymous (28/10/16), and real world Muriel. Thank you for your support during this recovery week!

Date: 14.09.17

Location: Newcastle

Distance: 7.3 miles

Time: 01:07:07

Run notes: Oh no! Where are the long nights going? The start of the week had been about taking it easy and giving my legs a bit of a rest. My right hamstring still isn’t quite right from the Great North Run. But with nights drawing I realised I needed to get out for a run. The plan stated a 60 minute easy run and whilst I have started to look at the plan in a bit of a more relaxed manner I thought it would be good to get out a door a medium length training run.

I had a natural race for this run, could I make it home before it got dark? I ran a different route through the streets of Gosforth and Jesmond, seeing things in the different lights of the approaching Autumn. The leaves were starting to fall, and everything looked beautiful. The season had crept up on me quickly. I love this time of year.

Here’s a fab fact for you. Did you know the English called the season of Autumn, Fall long before it called it Autumn? Apparently Autumn appeared in the English vocabulary when the French Kings arrived. Who knew?!

Average pace: 9:09/mile

Splits: (min/mile)

– Mile 1 – 8:56

– Mile 2 – 9:12

– Mile 3 – 9:34

– Mile 4 – 9:37

– Mile 5 – 9:16

– Mile 6 – 8:45

– Mile 7 – 8:56

– 0.3 Mile – 8:29

Achievements: 2 x segment personal records


Date: 16.09.17

Location: Newburn to Wylam

Distance: 6.9 miles

Time: 01:01:38

Run notes: Several months ago I had asked other members of the MS Trust Running Club, did anyone fancy taking part in a virtual club run. I suggested that we pick a date and then all run/walk/push a minimum of 5km wherever we are. Everyone would have to take a photo to capture there run and share it with the group. People had seemed interested in the idea and together we chose a date.

I had picked this distance because I thought it would hopefully not put anyone off, I also wanted it to be something that everyone could hopefully do.

5k ad

Well today was that date. I had created a lot of build up to the day and over 20 people had signed up to it. I was thrilled.

Today was also the day that Muriel and I had agreed to go for a run. Muriel was going to cycle while I ran. There had been lots of apologetic messages exchanged between the pair of us, about how slow each of us would be, before Muriel arrived to pick me up.

I had a quick check of the MS Trust Running Club, and by 8.30am the first runner had posted his picture of his run. I was honestly elated!

When Muriel arrived we had a quick tour down memory lane (Muriel grew up in the house just over the fence from ours and new the lady who originally owned our house) then we drove to Newburn.

After we got Muriel’s bike out of the car and fixed the front wheel back on (I love Muriel’s bike) we got straight off. Me taking the path whilst Muriel road the road. What a great run it was, having a lovely catch up and chatting from all things travel to the Great British Bake Off.

The route that we took, is a commonly used path for walkers, cyclists and runners alike. Mum and I had walked it a couple of years ago when we were walking Hadrian’s Wall. It is the perfect mix of being good under foot and being surrounded by what feels like country. We passed a row of cottages, where I could smell the gorgeous smell of an open fire and we soon reached an interesting sign, telling you all about the origins of railway in the North East and the UK and this particular railway line that we were now going over. As I ran on the spot Muriel had every right to tell me proudly she was related to the man depicted on the information board, her great, great (possibly another great) grandfather who was one of the key names behind the introduction of the rail.


We passed George Stephenson’s birthday and made our way to the bridge at Wylam where we turned round to head back. I think we both started slowly so that we didn’t put the other person off, but as our confidence increased we naturally seemed to be picking up our pace. If you take a look at the mile splits below you can really see our pace increasing!

I could feel my leg not being completely comfortable but as we passed the cottages I checked my watch and we made the decision to double back to the first gate to get us over the 6 mile mark. I felt like the right thing to do. However as we reached the gate and turned back again we suddenly saw the ominous clouds coming so we really picked up the pace. We had a goal. Get to the pub before the heavens open.


Luckily we got back to the car, took our photos for evidence of our outing and headed inside for a drink just as it started spitting. A catch up in the warmth was the perfect way to end a great run.

It was really great having a running partner and having the opportunity to catch up with Muriel who I hadn’t seen in so long.

When I got home, I was keen to log on to the MS Trust Running Club upload my photo and see if anyone else had been out for a 5km run too. People had! And they had uploaded some really lovely photos showing their run; from ParkRuns to marathon training sessions, being joined by mum’s or running club friends and even their dog. A couple of runners got caught in down pours, but the best thing was that they did it and it had created a really great atmosphere. I spent the rest of the weekend on a running high!

Average pace: 8:06/mile

Splits: (min/mile)

– Mile 1 – 10:09

– Mile 2 – 10:03

– Mile 3 – 9:31

– Mile 4 – 8:33

– Mile 5 – 8:15

– Mile 6 – 8:00

– 0.9 Mile – 7:55

Achievements: 1 x segment personal record

Thank you Jean, Anonymous (28/10/16), and real world Muriel for joining me for a cracking week of running, it may not have seemed like a huge amount of miles but it was great. I hope you felt as much of a sense of achievement as I do!

2 thoughts on “Autumn running and MS Trust Virtual 5k

  1. That run is the walk we are going to do in a few weeks time with Rob’s sister and her husband. We’ve done it many times. Glad you had s good day.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s a good place to walk isn’t it? I’d forgotten about it and glad we rediscovered it. Particularly with the leaves turning colour!


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