About Me

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Welcome to 1 girl. 1 Year. 1000km.

My name is Lucy and I love the positivity that family, friends, exercise and the outdoors brings to life.

I have always been active. I am not a fast runner, for me it’s not the speed you run, it’s the fact that you are out there doing something that’s the achievement.

There is a particular reason I am undertaking my running challenge this year. In 2015, I was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting MS, which was a huge shock.

When I first received the diagnosis I didn’t want to sit back and wait to see what happened. As an active person I wanted to hold on to this. So my family and I read a lot, particularly about all the treatments available (supported by Dad’s now world-famous spreadsheet).

There was a LOT of information out there and sometimes it became very overwhelming. But I never felt alone with my close family there every step of the way. Alongside the fanatastic MS Nurses at the RVI, there was one source of information we always returned to, the MS Trust provides unbiased, clear and easy to understand information about MS and the possible treatments available to manage the condition.

With this information and the support of the fantastic team at the RVI, four months after my official diagnosis, I had undertaken the first round of treatment that I wanted – Lemtrada, the newest treatment available, that would hit my MS hard and fast.

I had never thought that something like MS would happen to me, but with the outcomes so far, I have been very lucky.

I have had such support from my boyfriend, family, friends and the MS Team at the RVI and they made what could have been a very tough time, easier for me and I am very grateful for this.

I want to show that a diagnosis of MS does not mean the end of your world. It has been completely the opposite for me. Disease modify drugs, symptom management techniques and the understanding of the condition are all progressing so much, you can live a happy and full life.