The Challenge

EC - Me running

Photo credit: Newcastle Chronicle

In 2017 I want to do something to support the MS Trust, a great place for information and support for anyone affected by MS. I also want to show that a diagnosis of MS doesn’t have to mean doom and gloom, your life can still be positive and you can still do the things you love. You just may need to find workarounds for somethings.

For a couple of years I have thought about running another marathon but my Mum and my MS Consultant advised me to take things slow and steady. So I came up with this idea.

365 days + regular running = 1000km (or 23.7 marathons)

That’s slow and steady isn’t it?!

To complete my challenge I am running a mixture of organised runs and casually running the streets. Every run counts and to prove it I will be logging all my runs on my running log.

On each run, I will be running with a virtual running partner, and sometimes a real life running buddy. Each week I will be randomly drawing out the names of members of my support team who will be my virtual running buddies for that week. Together we will be supporting the MS Trust in supporting those touched by Multiple Sclerosis.

The Trust provides clear, impartial information for everyone who is touched by MS – those who have the condition, their family and friends and the MS specialists who support them, as well as funding research into the condition and how it can be managed.

Please sponsor me and join my support crew and a wonderful virtual run will be waiting for you!

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Please note I may have graduated from Loughborough University with a degree in Sport Science, but I don’t know anything sciencey about exercise/running/life in general and therefore I am not offering advice on what another individual should do. Just sharing my experiences!